Public consultation on the ex post evaluation of ERDF and CF 2014-2020

European Regional Development Fund & Cohesion Fund 2014-2020 public consultation is open until 12th April 2023. The public consultation provides an opportunity to express views on the investments supported by the ERDF and the CF in the period 2014-2020 and to collect further evidence for their evaluation.

The consultation, a factual summary report on the contributions received will be published on the Have your Say portal of the Commission.

Public consultation

Evaluation of Large Infrastructural Projects (LIP)

MDI Public Ltd. has done an evaluation of five border crossing point development projects (Imatra, Vaalimaa, Vainikkala, Vartius and Raja-Jooseppi) on the Finnish-Russian border under the Karelia, Kolarctic and South-East Finland -Russia CBC programmes. The evaluation examined the projects using the five standard evaluation criteria, namely: relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact. In addition, the evaluation assessed the added value of the projects in terms of cross-border cooperation and border crossings and the added value to the respective programme and its area. Furthermore, cross-cutting issues of environmental sustainability and gender equality were also considered.

The Imatra BCP (Border crossing point) improvement project was motivated by the inadequate nature of the BCP’s facilities before improvement. Overall, the Imatra BCP improvement project has been successfully implemented. The interviewees considered the Imatra border-crossing point as essential, especially for the region of South Karelia and its tourism and retail businesses. The interviewees believed the investment project in the Imatra BCP significantly improved the working conditions of the officials stationed there. Additionally, the investments increased the capacity of the BCP and made the border-crossing point safer and the traffic flow much smoother than before.

Vainikkala BCP has been crucial for tourism and cultural exchange. In terms of relevance, the developments undertaken at the Vainikkala BCP were aimed at the identified challenges which emerged at the border crossing point. With the modernisation of the x-ray- and surveillance systems then the overall level of safety of the BCP and of Finland itself has improved.

The improvements at the Vaalimaa BCP aimed to directly address previously recognised problems. For example, the surveillance measures provided by the x-ray systems were considered to be out of date. The improved surveillance system and x-ray facilities not only raised the overall security of the BCP and the border itself, but also made the everyday work of the officials much easier. With the improved street lighting and information systems, the Vaalimaa BCP has become safer and easier to use. In addition, the customer experience has improved during the development project since the reconstruction of the passenger terminal has increased the customer service capacity.

The overall impression regarding the BCP development projects is positive. There was a consensus among the interviewees that the improvements at the border crossing points have also raised the general level of national security.

Final report can be found here: Evaluation of border crossing point development projects on the Finnish-Russian border under the Karelia, Kolarctic and South-East Finland -Russia CBC programmes


New ENI CBC regulation on programmes under disruption

Cooperation with Russia was suspended in spring 2022, there has been a need to ensure the legal basis for the implementation of the ENI CBC programmes of 2014 – 2020 period. The European commission has adopted, a new special provisions legal act serving the needs of the CBC programmes. The regulation is in force beginning of November 2022.

The legal act is available in Eur-Lex:

Youth and Greener Europe event in Lappeenranta 27.9.2022 – register now!

What can be achieved with cross-border cooperation? How to benefit from the outputs and what could be done next? Where to apply for funding for a project idea?

Youth and Greener Europe is an event to celebrate together the European Cooperation Day (EC Day) and the European Year of Youth, it is an event to share our joint priority for greener tomorrow. The event is for promoting project results and making contacts. It is an event to look for future possibilities and new directions of cooperation.

The international event is for Finnish and Estonian project beneficiaries and stakeholders, and it is organized in cooperation with South-East Finland – Russia CBC and Estonia EU external border Programmes. The event will take place on Tuesday 27th September in Lappeenranta, Finland. The event will be held in English, no interpretation provided.

The registration deadline is extended and will close on 19th August 2022. The preliminary agenda as well as the reqistration form can be found here.

Confirmation e-mails will be sent to all confirmed participants soon after the registration deadline.

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