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The minimum requirement for now is that the EU logo with the statement “The project is co-funded by the European Union” is to be used in the project communication until further notice. The original logos, banners, etc. are no longer necessary, the communication instruction that came into force March 2022 is official.

Any action implemented with the financial support of the programme has responsibilities concerning the visibility. This applies both, the programme and the projects funded from it. When planning and implementing the project visibility and communication activities, more detailed instructions are available in the Programme Manual chapter E and in the graphic instructions:

Old instructions: SEFRCBC graphic instructions_eng 

In any questions or inquiries of additional material for prints, please contact the MA via email official(at)

Following minimum requirements apply in terms of eligibility of the actions: All public financiers are to be presented in equal manners by placing the flags of the institute and the states in identical height in following horizontal order; Finland, Russia, EU and accompanied with the sentence Funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. Where appropriate, the projects are recommended to utilize the programme logo and banners in their communication and to use them according the language of the publication.


Co-funded by the European Union logo to be used by projects in 2023

Flag (1) of the European Union with text “Co-funded by the European Union”

Flag (2) of the European Union with text “Co-funded by the European Union”

Flag of the European Union with text “Euroopan unionin osarahoittama”


Projects’ press release layout model_English
Projects’ press release layout model_Finnish

Flag of European Union_black hairline_pdf
Flag of Republic of Finland_black hairline_pdf
Flag of Russian Federation_black hairline_pdf
Flag of European Union_no line_pdf
Flag of Republic of Finland_no line_pdf
Flag of Russian Federation_no line_pdf

Programme emblem

SEFR CBC programme_English_pdf (updated 2022)



Programme emblem

Programme banner 1500x300px English (updated 2022)

SEFR CBC programme banner_1500x300px_English_pdf
SEFR CBC programme banner_1500x300px_Finnish_pdf
SEFR CBC programme banner_1500x300px_Russian_pdf

Programme banner_1500x300px_English
Programme banner_1500x300px_Finnish
Programme banner_1500x300px_Russian