Q: Can we still apply for funding during 2014-2020 programme period?
A: The programme funding is fully allocated for the awarded projects from Calls 1-6 and for nine Large Infrastructure Projects. The on-going open call for proposals has been closed 31.12.2020. No more project proposals can be submitted for the 2014-2020 programme period. The schedule for the first call of the 2021-2027 period is not yet available. 

Q: When will the next call for proposals begin? Only the closing date is announced.
A: The Programme is implemented by using so called ongoing call. The applicants may decide to which selection round they want to submit their application. The application can be prepared (also in PROMAS) whenever during the programme period. On the announced dates, the MA records only the submitted applications for the evaluation and decision-making process. The applications in progress remain open in the PROMAS for further preparation.

Q: If we submit an application for the next call, when and how do we get information whether it was approved or not?
A: The evaluation and decision-making process for each call takes ca. 4-5 months as a whole. After the final decisions are taken by the JMC, the Managing Authority informs each lead applicant in written on either approval or rejection of the application by sending the Executive Order. Before this phase, the applicant may view different steps of the process as the changes of the application status in the PROMAS (more information in the PROMAS manual for applicants).

Q: If the project is selected for funding, can we negotiate of the begin date of the implementation or is it automatically the first date after the last signature of the Grant Contract?
A: The start date of the project implementation period can be negotiated. It is not automatically the first date after signature. It is even recommended, that the start date would be the first day of a calendar month in order to avoid extra work in the financial reporting.

Q: Why the kick off meeting with the project partners and the MA is necessary and required prior to the Grant Contract signature?
A: The MA wants to ensure the effectiveness and transparency of the internal information flow in the project. In addition, the kick off meeting aims to ensure that all rights and responsibilities of each partner are clear and understood before the project actions start. The whole implementation procedure should be clear to all partners.

Q: What is the minimum and maximum eligible duration of the project?
A: In general, the maximum duration of a project is 36 months (3 years). However, since there may be specific requirements in some round of calls, for example on maximum duration, applicants are recommended to check relevant information from the Programme website when they prepare project proposal. There is no minimum duration.