Q: Can a project have elements on more than one thematic objectives?
A: The recommendation is that a project concentrates to one thematic objective (TO). The priority, which meets with the project proposal, should act as a guidance towards to the correct TO. When filling in the application, technically only one TO can be selected for the project. If more than one TO is covered by the action, this should be clearly indicated in the project description and taken into account during the implementation phase and reporting.

Q: What means partnership relevance, and how it is evaluated?
A: Partnership relevance means that essential partners are selected to the project. The knowledge and expertise needed for implementation of a certain type of project are evaluated and reflected on proposed partners and partnership. The core question is; to what extent is the partnership competent to deliver envisaged outcomes?

Q: What is the difference between output and impact?
A: Output and impact:

  • Output is result It is necessary to identify outputs that are needed in order to achieve the specific objectives of the project.
  • Impact is effect and overall objective. It is necessary to identify needs to be satisfied. After this, they are translated into overall objectives of your intended impacts.