The most frequently asked questions are answered also at this page. Answers are given as complements to the information at the Programme Manual and Grant Contracts and its annexes and they do not substitute individual assessment of each particular case. In cases of unclear nature it is recommended to contact the MA. Last update: 02/02/2021 (Timetables and contracting).

For the time being, due to COVID-19 outbreak, it may be necessary to cancel or postpone project related work-trips and events that are already booked and confirmed. In case of such changes in the project work plan, costs with no refund possibility are considered eligible. Documents are presented by the standard procedures accompanied with a short description of the grounds causing the cancellation. 

When organizing events, meetings and seminars on-line; draw up the lists of participants like in standard on-location event, and enclose them to the project report. Personal data collected for the project implementation purposes must be handled according the General Data Protection Regulation. 

Concerning any travelling and participation to the events and meetings, instructions and recommendations from the project partners’ own organisations and national authorities, will apply. For further consultation or need for advice, contact your project’s coordinator in the Managing Authority.