Сonference on the ImProfEdu (Improvement Professional Education) project

ImProfEdu project press release

Сonference on the ImProfEdu (Improvement Professional Education) project was held in Petrovsky College in St. Petersburg on April 28th. More than 70 representatives of colleges of St. Petersburg, Leningrad Region and other regions of the Russian Federation took part in the conference. The project partners from St. Petersburg are the Institute of Business and Innovation (IBIN) and two colleges: Petrovsky and Architecture and Construction (SPASK), and from Finland KSAO College from Kouvola and EKAMI college from the Kotka – Hamina region.

The purpose of the conference is to introduce the participants to the project and its first results: situation with vocational education in Finland, the joint educational platform being developed, first actions according with project plan and new proposals and methods for motivating students to study.

KSAO Principal Timo Olli, Educational Manager Markku Maunula and EKAMI representative Irina Karkkainen spoke at the conference in ZOOM mode.

Project website: IPE – Improving Professional Education (improfedu.org)

Contact: Taru Horppu
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +358 20 6151 345