ImProfEdu (Improving Professional Education) final seminar was held in Kotka

The final event of ImProfEdu (Improving Professional Education) project was held in Kotka on the 15.12.2022. It was the final meeting of the participants of the project, that had started on the 1.5.2020. The event took place in Maritime Centre Vellamo and it welcomed 20 representatives of the project partners – Eduko (Kouvola Vocational Institute Ltd.) and Ekami (The Joint Authority of Education of Kotka-Hamina regional group).

During the meeting the participants heard some memories about different stages of ImProfEdu from Erja Pohju (the project manager in Ekami till 31.7.2022) and feedback from teachers and coordinators. It was a pleasure to hear the students’ memories also.

The participants were showed the ImProfEdu-video, that is one of the official result of the project and it is going to be used in the future to increase the students’ interest to take part in international cooperation projects. (Link for the official video: )

Sami Tikkanen, the principal of Ekami, granted the students with the Certificates of participating in ImProfEdu.