CBC projects Consultation Days in November

Managing Authority (MA), assisted by its Branch Office, organizes Consultation Days for on-going standard projects in November 2020. Consultations aim at supporting projects’ implementation, while project specific discussions with lead partner and partners provide possibility for the MA to advice and address any issues that may benefit of joint dialog and contributions.  

Projects may consider the need for consultation for example via following questions:  

  • Are there open questions or hesitations relating to reporting, budget or payments that would benefit of the MA’s guidance?  
  • Are there any questions relating to re-organizing of work plan that would benefit of the MA’s prior opinion?  
  • Are there any questions relating to partnership or visibility where the consultation could help?  

This autumn, all consultations will be organised online as in 1,5 hours sessions via Teams or Zoom. 

2.-6. November 2020 (week 45) Monday – Friday at 10.00 and 14.00 EET 

Registration deadline for the week 45 consultation is 28.10.2020 

16.-20. November 2020 (week 47) Monday – Friday at 10.00 and 14.00 EET 

Registration deadline for the week 47 consultations is 11.11.2020 

Project partners are encouraged to have an internal discussion of consultation needs, and to book an appointment by the lead partner following steps 1-3:  

Step 1) Enter the Booking service   

Select your project’s coordinator from the staff menu, and then, suitable date and time from available options.   

Step 2) Fill in the requested information in English 

Add you details: Mark your name, e-mail and phone number.   

Notes box: Mark the name and e-mail of each participant from the project’s side and the heading list of matters you plan to address (like narrative reporting, payment request, auditing etc.)   

Provide additional information: Mark your project ID number and Acronym.

Step 3) Select Book 

Booking confirmation is received to the e-mail address marked in the details. Prior to consultation, the MA will contact the project to ensure the Teams/Zoom link to all participants expected to join the session.   

(Next project consultation days will take place in Spring 2021.) 

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