Creation of infrastructure for a small yacht port in Lomonosov

Project idea objectives are in line with the regional strategy of our public organization, which is aimed at building economic prosperity and an attractive image of the region. The tourism industry is one of the priorities of the regional development of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region with the participation of dozens of companies and entrepreneurs. SPb ROO SC OOLPS actively supports the development of small ports and water tourism in the East Gulf of Finland. The water area in the vicinity of Lomonosov and St. Petersburg is a unique place for lovers of history, nature and the sea. The development of small guest yacht ports, networks and information exchange, improving security, effective marketing and information services for tourists are prerequisites for the growth of water tourism and business around it. 30 miles The RUSFIN project is an ideal tool for the SPB SC OOLPS to achieve strategic goals related to attracting more travelers and developing the tourism industry in the region.

Main planned activities are construction of a small yacht port infrastructure project; determination of the contractor; manufacturing of a floating house-office for a yacht club; start-up; creating a marketing program to promote the services of the new yacht port; integration into existing business of the system of transboundary yachting and involvement of international participants in yacht events, organized in St. Petersburg.

Desired partners are from Finland and Russia: RANEPA (Rus), Cursor (Fin) and South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK).

Contact information:
Evgenii Zakharov
Tel. +7 961 8113705
Saint Petersburg Regional Public Organisation Sports club ”Oranienbaum’s sailing society