Cross-border cooperation for improved stormwater handling and a good state of freshwater resources

RAINMAN project press release

The prevention of urban flooding and preservation of freshwater resources are important issues – also in times of Covid-19 pandemic. Green, grey, and blue stormwater management solutions have to be combined in a sensible way to best tackle current and future rain events. And in cities that depend on groundwater as drinking water source, it is important to consider the impact of changing precipitation on surface water – groundwater interaction and potential consequences for water quality.

These are some of the results of the 3rd official Project Group Meeting and first completely web-based event of the RAINMAN Project. Thanks to the participants’ contribution and Mikkeli’s good preparation we had a successful meeting with news from the case areas, input from experts outside the project, and good conversation among project partners.

Contact: Johannes Klein, Geological Survey of Finland
Email: [email protected]