Cross-border networks and resources in system of life-long education and development of skills

The project idea is to increase the level of professional education of young people and elderly people in a transboundary territory by introducing innovative technologies, increasing the availability and effectiveness of vocational training, including: Ensuring high accessibility and equality in obtaining educational services in the required specialty regardless of place of residence, gender status, age and property status of the trainee; Improve the quality of vocational training, create innovative tools and technologies for small and medium-sized educational institutions, and enterprises that provide quality continuous lifelong learning; Creation of a cross-border infrastructure for the management of the Network’s institutions from educational institutions and industrial enterprises, the expansion of the exchange of best practices, intellectual property and technologies.

Main activities would be events: Launch of an international infrastructure with Competence Centers in the Russian Federation and Finland; Creation of an innovative technological platform – the software complex “Unified open multilingual educational platform” on the basis of cloud technologies; Creation of pilot interactive courses, simulators, systems of current and final testing; Creation of a technical architecture – server complex, telecommunication equipment and office equipment, – which will ensure the stability of the project after its completion.

Desired partners are in Finland, ENI, Small and medium vocational education institutions, Universities of applied sciences, networks of educational institutions, local and regional authorities. Vocational education, information educational technology, personnel qualification management, automated tools and technologies for vocational education.

Contact information:
Sergey Nikifirov
Tel. +7 921 9310285
Email: nsv(at)