Cross-boundary spatial planning and harmonization of territory development

Project idea objective is creation of conditions for harmonious development of territories on the principles of spatial planning.

Main planned activities are analysis of human economic activity in the Baltic region and its impact on the environment and living conditions; analysis of national development priorities of territories and development of proposals for cross-border priorities; identification of areas and trends negatively affecting the environment and living conditions; identification of blue growth sectors and territories, justification of conditions for their development, sectoral and territorial modeling and forecasting on the basis of the developed models; analysis of legislation and governance structures of the Baltic region countries regulating spatial development.

Desired partners are from Baltic and Barents region, Finland, Estonia, Norway. Universities or Research institutions experienced and interested in spatial planning, creation of territory or sectoral development models.

Contact information:
Sergey Kovalev
Tel. +7 921 9941534
Email: sergeykovalev(at)
Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration