Eco-Technopark in the Leningrad Region

Project idea objectives are creation of the first pilot model of the technopark in the Leningrad Region; preparation of raw materials from waste (RDF fuel, raw materials for the energy industry, plaster crumbs, rubber chips, fuel briquettes) and the exchange of products with other countries (Finland, Sweden); creation of logistics with Finnish companies for the exchange of secondary material resources and products from waste; creation of practical scientific and research base in the field of waste processing, renewable energy and innovations (joint programs between the institutes of Finland and Russia in the field of Earth sciences).

Main activities would be pilot testing; industrial cooperation; scientific and educational cooperation (development of educational programs for waste management and environmental management on the base of Russian, Finland, China, Estonia, Norway and Sweden universities and research centres/labs, including environmental preservation questions in the Arctic regions).

Desired partners both the southern part of Finland and Finland as a whole. Companies in the field of waste management; energy companies in the field of biofuel/RDF (transfer of the fuel raw materials from waste); companies for the production of equipment for waste sorting / energy from waste; practical research and development laboratories and centers; companies for the construction of modular buildings; logistic companies; research centers for reclamation of landfills of solid waste/ash and slag landfills.

Contact information
Stanislav Dubrova
Tel. +7 921 570 4957
Email: [email protected]