EDUCRO project experiences in Spring 2021

EDUCRO project press release

EDUCRO project had a vibrant spring with several exciting events. The year started with a Service Design module with top speakers Tuija Seipell and Lauri Lukka.  Seipell is a Canadian keynote speaker and business advisor. Tuija’s expertise includes customer experience, travel, hospitality, design, retail, creativity, motivation and emotions. Lauri Lukka is a service design and a psychologist. 

In workshops, participants discussed why and how customer experience is the driver of all other functions in business, which is especially important in uncertain times. Lukka and Seipell shifted participants’ mindset towards seeing things from the customer’s perspective. Lukka highlighted how to understand and benefit from the emotions that drive each purchase and raised a question about how we can use what we already know to meet our customers’ needs and learn more about what motivates and inspires our existing and potential customers.

During March and April, a training module in creating new business models and raising funding highlighted the operational side of business models. Leena Janhila from Humak suggested the overall funding path for cultural organizations and outlined various public funding opportunities. Tomi M. Virtanen, Founder of Doerz, discussed how to raise money using crowdfunding and shared his success and failure experiences. Elizaveta Ordinartseva showcased the experiences of developing a funding path for the non-governmental museum in Russia: raising funding from the governmental foundations, receiving grants and crowdfunding.  Senior Lecturer Taina Vuorela from LAB University of Applied Sciences introduced the Logical Framework for writing compelling project applications. During the Business Model workshop with Taina Vuorela, companies and students co-created a Business Model Canvas and A Value Proposition Canvas for the case example of Elli Niaria, AXXiO and Irina Kelner, Museum Experience Center. The business idea was about use of various technologies in organizing museum quests for children. 

In May-June, EDUCRO also organized a training module for Marketing and Branding. The first event of the series introduced storytelling as a tool for a better customer experience. Pekka Vartiainen and Juha Iso-Aho from Humak UAS, the experts in managing storytelling projects and creative writing, introduced and illustrated the use of storytelling. The webinar and panel discussion Innovative Practices in Digital Marketing brought together over 70 participants and five bright speakers, Sami Lanu from LAB University of Applied Sciences, Oleg Nikolaenko from AXiiO Oy, Juha-Pekka Natunen from Nuijamies, Pekka Mäkinen from Airtouch Oy (Lakeland Experiences), and Alexandra Kovaleva, Manege Central Exhibition Hall. During the final workshop of the series, participants learnt about Branding and Brand cooperation together with Heikki Laaninen from Fairly.

Part of the EDUCRO project has been monthly T-time Talks, designed for free networking and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere. Companies and organizations had multiple rounds of matchmaking and spotted some ideas for collaboration. We are looking to meet and continue cooperation at the face-to-face meetings and Summer Camps during the last year of the project.  EDUCRO project is grateful to all the participants, speakers and collaborators and wishes everyone a sunny and relaxing summer!


EDUCRO-project is a joint effort of LAB University of Applied Sciences, Saint-Petersburg Institute for Cultural Programs and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences. The project operates within CBC 2014-2020 South -East Finland- Russia program and is funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland.

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