ENPI 2007-2013 Ex-post – review on results and impacts

The Ex-post evaluation of the 2007-2013 ENPI CBC was carried out during 2017 on behalf of the European Commission and it was finalized with the publication of the Final Evaluation report.

The evaluation focused to assess the performance of the ENPI CBC programmes in both, the qualitative and quantitative terms, and in particular their effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability and EU added value. Findings on the drawbacks of the current systems and operation are also included as a recommendations, to improve the performance of current 2014-2020 and post-2020 programmes.

The South-East Finland – Russia ENPI 2007-2013 was selected to the evaluation as a one case study (Final report volume II: Annexes 1-3 p. 49), focusing on Large Scale Projects. The results highlighted good practice of the “mirror project” approach, in which the respective country partners take responsibility for those parts of the project that are specifically relevant to them. This method showed good results and provided genuine strategic value for the programme stakeholders both in Finland and Russia.

Ex-post summary and the final report (in English):

Executive summary

Final report volume I: Main report

Final report volume II: Annexes 1-3

Final report volume III: Annexes 4-16