Event: Towards higher adaptive capacity in urban water management – highlights of the RAINMAN project

RAINMAN project press release

Climate change increases precipitation and urbanisation results in more sealed surfaces. This leads to increasing storm water volumes and can cause sewage system overloads and urban flooding. Nutrients and hazardous substances can also contaminate freshwater resources if storm water is not treated properly. In addition, these changes can affect groundwater recharge and quality.

The RAINMAN project has developed tools and recommendations to avoid sewage system overloads, to prevent urban flooding and to preserve freshwater resources. The project has integrated solutions into city development guidelines and plans to maintain freshwater resources in a good state, despite a changing climate.

Come and join us at the RAINMAN project’s closing event!

December 16th, 2021, 8:45-12:00 (EET), online.

More information and registration here: http://projects.gtk.fi/rainman/events/

Contact: Johannes Klein, Geological Survey of FinlandEmail: [email protected]