Facilitation of international cooperation of SMEs for commercializing their innovative products

The project idea is to assist SMEs in commercialization of their innovative ideas and products and in market entry through creating growing points on both sides of the border (Imatra and Saint Petersburg).

The main fields SME innovative products are developed in: Optics (e.g. Glass for Gradient Optics); Research of fullerenes (e.g. Production of Mechanical Rubber Goods); Glasses (e.g. Heating/Current-Conducting Glasses); Heat-insulating materials (e.g. Teplizol); Plasma Technologies (e.g. Metal Coating with Abrasive, Metal and Ceramic Powders); Composite Technology (e.g. Composites of High Heat Conductivity); Reinforcing Coatings; Flexible Electroluminescent Panels (ELP); Agriculture (e.g. Vitreous Water-Soluble Fertilizer of Prolonged Action); Environmental Protection (e.g. Cleaning from Oil Contaminants); As well as technology of plant polymers and related ones.

Main activities would be a number of events for SMEs networking (seminars, exhibitions, courses, workshops, etc.)

Desired partners are in Finland, preferably South Karelia. Type of organization: public organization, university, association, NGO or municipality.

Contact information:
Olga Madison
Tel. +7 911 9121294
Email: zsv(at)gturp.spb.ru
Higher School of Technology and Energy of SPbSUITD