Fifth call was closed 27 March 2019

South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 closed its fifth call on 27 March 2019. In total, 42 applications for circa 29,5 Mio € were submitted to the PROMAS system by the closing time and project proposals and requests for CBC funding are divided into Programme priorities as follows: 

Priority 1 Lively, active and competitive economy: 12 applications for 8,1 Mio € 

Priority 2 Innovative, skilled and well-educated area: 17 applications for 10,3 Mio € 

Priority 3 Attractive, clean environment and region: 11 applications for 7,9 Mio € 

Priority 4 well-connected region: 2 applications for 3,2 Mio € 

What happens next? 

Lead applicants must deliver original, signed full application-package to the Managing Authority on 8 April, latest. This is necessary action in order to pass the first evaluation phase.

Managing Authority, assisted by its branch office, shall carry out the administrative and eligibility compliance check to each application by the end of May. Lead applicants may be contacted for further clarifications during the process. Requests, with the reply instructions and deadlines, are sent to the email address given in the application template. Quality assessment for those applications passed first checks will be carried out by the end of August and decisions on the awards are taken by the Joint Monitoring Committee in September 2019.