Finding a new way to co-operate in the cultural sector

EDUCRO project press release

The culture and tourism sectors need new skills and business models to create innovative products. EDUCRO -project has been initiated to increase the level of practical business education in the culture and tourism sectors through cross-border and cross-sectoral collaboration and employing new models of educational co-creation.

In Finland and Russia people are willing to share and create new, customer-oriented cultural products and services. We will have discussions with the regional cultural and tourism organizations and companies and will find their needs and opportunities for development. Partner organizations will participate in hackathons, workshops, experiments, where they will create innovative cultural products. We will collect all the results of this cooperation, as well as the best practices and epic failures to create new international concepts and courses for cultural and travel industries.

Project is implemented in cooperation between the partners Saimaa University of Applied Sciences, Saint-Petersburg Institute of Cultural Programs and HUMAK University of Applied Sciences.

Contact person: Project Manager Olga Bogdanova
E-mail: olga.bogdanova(at)