GET READY – Boosting Sustainable Shore Use in the Eastern Gulf of Finland

GET READY project press release

The Eastern Gulf of Finland hosts a variety of human activities as well as sites of cultural, historical and natural values. The geographically small coastal and marine area is rich with major ports, busy waterways, blue economy businesses activities, and a wide variety of leisure activities. Inevitably, environmental challenges cannot be avoided because of the human-induced pressures. It means that the needs and interests of different actors need to be considered and balanced, natural and cultural values should be preserved, environmental impacts mitigated, and efforts made to improve the state of the environment where needed. The situation calls for cooperation and tools for sustainable use of marine and coastal areas.

Best practices for sustainable shore use

The GET READY consortium of academic, scientific and business partners has examined the best practices for sustainable shore use and coastal zone management against the key aspects of the HELCOM-VASAB guidelines for the implementation of the ecosystem-based approach in MSP, such as participatory planning, identification of ecosystem services and human-ecosystem interactions, alternative planning solutions, and precautionary principle. Legislation and planning practices have been examined through concrete cases such as Ust-Luga port and Kymenlaakso regional plan. GET READY consortium has revealed the most potential practices to strengthen the evidence-based sustainable management of the coastal and marine environment at the Eastern Gulf of Finland. A Report on best practices for sustainable coastal zone planning in the Eastern Gulf of Finland will be published later in autumn 2021.

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