Green Energy Show-How Tour and B2B Event in Mikkeli, Finland 13.-14.6.2019

Project press release

2-days BUSINESS PROGRAM 13.-14.6.2019

(within the project Green ReMark KS1024

13.6.2019 – Business meetings

06.00 Departure from St.Petersburg
12.00 Arrival in Mikkeli and Lunch
13.00 Business seminar
14.30 B2B meetings with local companies (Bioenergy cluster of Eastern Finland etc.)
16.30 End of the seminar
Free time in the city

14.6.2019 – Green Energy Show-How Tour
09.00 Solar Energy, Visit to Sun Mikkeli solar energy plant
10.30 Wood energy, visit to ESE CHP heating (bioenergy) plant
11.30 Lunch
12.30 Waste recycling, visit to Ecosairila waste management and recycling area
15.00 Smart grid, visit at Suomenniemi demonstration
16.00 End of the tour, travel back to St. Petersburg

Registration for participation in the business program:

Contact: Karoliina Tanskanen and Olga Kalchenko
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: tel.: +358 44 7678482, tel.: +7 921 5921986