Groundwater measurements in Lahti – Important information to secure groundwater quality

RAINMAN project press release

GTK experts performed vertical sounding in two groundwater monitoring wells in Lahti. The purpose of the sounding was to determine electric conductivity and temperature of the water at different depths of the aquifer. This information is useful to identify areas that are sensitive to external impacts such as heightened chlorine concentrations from salt used for the de-icing of roads. Knowing, which areas are sensitive, helps us to develop targeted measurements that secure good groundwater quality now and in the future.

The vertical sounding was performed as part of the project “Towards higher adaptive capacity in urban water management” (RAINMAN), which is part of the South-East Finland Russia Cross-Border Cooperation programme funded by the European Union, the Russian Federation and the Republic of Finland. For more information visit:

Contact: Johannes Klein, Geological Survey of Finland