Häme regional Finnish-Russian trade guild as partner

Häme (location Lahti, Finland) regional Finnish-Russian trade guild is presenting itself as partner for a cross-border cooperation project. Guild is established 1995 and has some 100 members (companies or private individuals) in Häme region and is known actor in its area. The core idea is supporting and encouraging local companies to trade and establish contacts with the Russian speaking market area. This aim is supported by networking and sharing know-how between members. Company presentations, thematic lectures and meetings are arranged monthly. Contacts to corresponding other Finnish guilds are close as well as to several other institutions in Finland. Our aim in project would be expanding our contact surface to equivalent organisations in Russia. We feel that through networking and established relations we could lower the threshold for member companies to seek commercial partners abroad. This could work cost-effective way and inspire SME sector with limited own resources.

Contact: Jyrki Seppänen
Email: jyrki.seppanen(at)finkey.fi
Telephone: +358 50 4343309