INCROBB webinar “The Art of Negotiation with Russian Companies”

INCROBB project press release

On May 28, the webinar “The Art of Negotiations with Russian Companies. Features of mentality and culture” was held by INCROBB project team. The speaker was Natalya Skoraya, an expert in business communication for Russian and international companies. Natalia shared with the participants the important aspects of business culture in Russia. For example, there was a discussion about what is acceptable and what can be expected during the negotiations with a Russian partner; the hidden behavioural mechanisms were revealed and illustrated.

The theses were supported by a theoretical basis, for example, by D. Hofstede’s model of national business culture scales. The event took place online and was attended by 26 guests, various topic-related questions were discussed after the presentation. For instance, a global change in business culture due to the virus, portends the elimination of handshakes and other tactile contacts at business meetings.

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