Integrated multi-functional video information system as a basis for the structure of a Smart City

The 2011-2014 ENPI program project SE635 «Digital Sphere» mainly developed by JSC Plant named after Kozitsky and SPb State Electro technical University LETI is recognized in Russia as the best of its group. For participation in ENI these organizations developed a proposal to create an integrated multi-functional video information system which is actual for the regions’ towns and their municipal bodies and which may be a basis for the structure of a Smart City. The system development will be a significant contribution to the boarding regions’ co-operation, as it will make possible for the local organizations of the regions involved to create an innovative product using their technologies, exchanging experience and with SME participating. The project includes creating a fully equipped pilot area of the system, which is meant to demonstrate its socio-economic effect and its impact on the quality of life improvement.

Project timeline: 2,5 years
Funding: 3 million euros

Contact: Nepomniashchii Aleksandr
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: +7(812)328-58-65;  +7-921-958-29-03 mob.