Invitation to tender for Mid-term evaluation

Managing Authority of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 programme has opened an invitation to tender for conducting the Mid-term evaluation of the Programme. We look forward the following results, with the Result Oriented Monitoring approaches:

  1. To learn whether the implementation of the Programme Strategy on both, the Programme and project level, has been carried out in an efficient and effective way.
  2. To learn whether the results of the selected and contracted projects will be achievable and whether they lead to the achievement of the objectives of the Programme and projects, as well as to evaluate the support and monitoring measures of the Programme towards the project beneficiaries.
  3. Based on the Evaluation results, to receive recommendations for improvement of this Programme and input for the South-East Finland – Russia Programme 2021-2027.
  4. As a cross-cutting theme, to evaluate the effect of Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions to the project implementation and the realisation of the Programme Strategy.

The tendering closes on 26.11.2021 at 16:00 (EET).


Invitation to tender includes instructions and requirements to participate in tendering, and the links for additional information.