Joint Monitoring Committee selected 9 new CBC projects

Tenth meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) took place on 25 June 2020, via Zoom on-line. The JMC got information of the on-going projects and of the overall implementation of the Programme. It approved the Annual Work Plan and Technical Assistance Budget of the Managing Authority for the accounting year 1.7.2020-30.6.2021.

The JMC made also the decision of the awards for the project proposals submitted in the sixth call, and approved nine (9) projects for funding, given that they meet with the conditions set by the Joint Selection and Joint Monitoring Committees. The Committee also selected six (6) projects for so called reserve-list, from which they may be granted later in case of available funding.

Nine new awards

Project selection process from the sixth round of call, closed on 27 February 2020, has been finalized and the JMC awarded nine (9) projects for funding, with total programme support of circa 5,0 MEUR. Official decisions (Executive Order) are send to the lead applicants by the beginning of September, followed by the invitation to start Grant Contract negotiation process with the Managing Authority. Short-list of the selected projects:

KS11144 RivTimes ⁄ LP Rautjärvi Municipality (FI) 

KS11173 Cool4City ⁄ LP St. Petersburg Information and Analytical Centre (RU) 

KS11043 CB-SAFE ⁄ LP LAB University of Applied Sciences (FI) 

KS11081 Saimaa bypass ⁄ LP Directorate for Development of the St. Petersburg and Leningrad region transport system (RU)

KS11071 LALAPETE ⁄ LP City of Lappeenranta (FI)

KS11232 FinAgRu-nat ⁄ LP All-Russian Society of Nature Protection, Leningrad Region office (RU) 

KS11135 King’s Renascence ⁄ LP South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (FI)  

KS11044 Vip&Ko ⁄ LP Kotka-Hamina Regional Development Company, Cursor Ltd. (FI) 

KS11157 PURE ⁄ LP South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (FI) 

Official List of Awards with more detailed information is made available after the approval of JMC meeting minutes.