Large Infrastructure Projects (LIP)

By the endorsement of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014–2020 Programme document (JOP) on 18/12/2015, the Large Infrastructure Projects (LIP) jointly adopted by the Finnish and Russian members of the Programming Committee, were enclosed to the direct award –process and possible funding. The projects are identified in the programme document, chapter 5.4 (Programme Documents at Projects, that may receive programme funding without participating to the round of calls, are limited and they must meet the following criteria: 

  • the body to which a project is awarded enjoys a de jure or de facto monopoly; 
  • the project relates to actions with specific characteristics that require a particular type of body based on its technical competence, high degree of specialisation or administrative power. 

To grant a LIP is a rather long process, but representing important character of the cross-border cooperation and development of the Programme area. The process includes assessment of two application phases (concept note and full application) and it has several decision-making and approval steps. All adopted projects enclosed to the JOP may not receive grant contract, but those endorsing the requirements for funding, are expected to be launched by 30 June 2019, latest.  

The Programme will publish information of each project, according their launching. Following figurative presentations in English, Finnish and Russian describe the LIP process, as a whole. 

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1848,Applications from the second call moving forward”