Let’s cooperate sustainably: INCROBB project manager is at a recycling forum

INCROBB project press release

Baltic Circular Economy Forum took place on 22.04.2021 in live stream for more than 7 hours. It was a grand congress and exhibition event that was emerged in Russia for the very first time. There were three main halls: Russia, Finland and Germany. In each hall of them there were discussed urgent environmental issues; numerous companies that try to fight consumerism and other modes of planet’s pollution were present there as well as audience.

Igor Dukeov, INCROBB project manager was one of the jury in Finland Hall as young companies were giving their pitches. This kind of collaboration opportunity means for INCROBB team an increased project’s recognition among associations with proactive environmental focus, and, obviously, a great chance to learn more about how circular economy principles are applied by various corporations.

Contact: Maria, INCROBB project assistant
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