MA office hours Mon-Fri from 9 to 14

Due to second outbreak of Covid-19 virus, Programme’s personnel in the Managing Authority (MA) and Branch Office (BO) work mainly in remote mode until the end of the year. As of 19 Oct 2020, MA’s office in the Regional Council of South Karelia at Kauppakatu 40 D 1. floor, Lappeenranta is open Monday – Friday at 9-14 (EET)

Our personnel are best reached by phone and e-mail, and prior contact to agree of an office visit is recommended to both our service points. Meetings and project consultations are organized by using on-line tools, until 31.12.2020. We encourage also our projects to utilize virtual tools and follow the instructions given by the national and regional authorities.

News at Regional Council of South Karelia web-site (Finnish).