My CBC Stories – No stops, but adapting new ways!

We started the My CBC Story -series in 2019, to give Cross-Border Cooperation human faces and to introduce wide range of expertise working in the programme administration, project management and in those various networks which contribute to European Union – Finland – Russia cooperation. The commitment and interest to work for the well-being of people living in the border regions and to support to regions’ development goals, has really showed its true colors in this “Covid-spring”. No stops, but adapting new ways!

We are currently looking for next heroes to the spotlight (there are so many great options!) and editing new stories. Meantime, here is the link-list of the ones already published.

Project manager Jyri Mustonen, Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Project coordinator Sonja Miettinen, Programme Managing Authority Lappeenranta
Vice-president Ludmila KarelinaSaint Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Executive director Anna Kiiski, Kotka Maritime Research Association 
Project expert Valentina Chaplinskaya, Programme Branch Office St Petersburg

Warm thanks Jyri, Valentina, Anna, Ludmila and Sonja for sharing Your CBC Stories!