My CBC Story – Sonja Miettinen

Project coordinator
Managing Authority
South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 

Sonja joined the CBC team in the Managing Authority (MA) in 2017 and brought with her experience from the fields of international development in the municipal organizations and higher educational institutions. Having key focuses on regional development and R&D in her previous jobs, she has already noted that there are different dimensions in the context of the Cross-Border Cooperation, and which actually give added value to the regions. 

, says Sonja.

Customer service is our cup of tea 

Today Sonja works at the MA’s operational unit in the South-East Finland – Russia CBC programme administration and giving guidance and monitoring the funded standard projects”We have realized that the customer service -approach is needed also in the field of official contracting and financing authority” agrees Sonja, with the whole team.  

Her viewpoints holding concrete experience of implementing international projects and the role of the beneficiary has given valuable assets for the work of the MA. On the other hand, Sonja has learned a lot during last two years and, at some level, has also been surprised how high are the standards of coordinating all the needs and requirements of the applicants, beneficiaries and the programme’s financiers and stakeholders. To manage all this, we need also programme-level cooperation and consider direct dialog with the National Authorities, European Commission and other relevant networks very important. 


Many colours of cooperation 

People-to-people cooperation is a true core when aiming for the social development and increasing wellbeing of the population living in the border regions. One can do this by implementing projects for example in the environmental, cultural or educational sectors, and whatever the theme is, the cooperation itself works to lower prejudices, mental barriers and negative attitudes. And even if we have functioning and controlled border between Finland and Russia, it doesn’t have to be so significant in our minds. Both aspects are important and must be promoted also at homes in order to build solid and prosperous future. 


In her free time, she relaxes and revert from work by reading, crafting and doing yoga. Sonja is also an active scout, which keeps her busy and motivated.