New video is released – have a look on Priority 2

During the production of the Programme’s promotion video, published in December 2019, we planned complementary releases presenting insights to each four priorities of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020. Since the videos are such a good way to tell stories and open views on variety of Programme’s actions, we look forward to show our audiences the whole project family and people behind them. 

Now, we are ready with the first out of four priority releases. The journey starts from the Priority 2: Innovative, skilled and well-educated area, and the 17 Cross-Border Cooperation projects funded under this line. With official words they support to education, research, technological development and innovation, but we think they are also much more. 

Warm thanks to everyone contributed to this video. Special thanks to three project representatives who reached beyond for the deeper meaning and gained benefits of Finnish-Russian cooperation, to which all CBC projects give their valuable inputs.