Proactive knowledge distribution on new approaches to effective fire extinguishing

The idea of the proposed project is to form a conglomerate of specialists familiar with the progressive technology of sprinkler fire fighting in cross-border regions of South-East Finland and Russia. The project is created to eliminate the current gap in which specialists who have “outdated” technologies are forced to operate and design modern buildings that use new approaches to safety and fire extinguishing systems, expenditure of resources, including within the concepts of “smart house” and “smart city”.

The project involves two key blocks: academic (education) and research. In the educational block, the transfer of knowledge from the research and expert community to students, engineers and technicians should be ensured in the following ways: Development and implementation at the universities (e.g. SPbPU and the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences) joint educational Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree programmes, professional development programmes etc.; Internship programs and familiarization of specialists engaged in the field of fire safety of constructions with innovative sprinkler firefighting technology; including real objects under constructions and the established training laboratory.

As the partners we would welcome in the consortium experts from the relevant profile from the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences or an additional Finnish partner (or expert) specializing in the implementation of Smart City technologies, in particular, its component “Smart Buildings”, which is a building where all engineering and information systems are integrated into a single management system (BMS – building management system).

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Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University