Project collaboration with drone measurements to study groundwater – surface water interaction

RAINMAN project press release

The RAINMAN project has studied the interaction of the Likolampi pond with the Hanhikangas aquifer in the city of Mikkeli. Due to changes in precipitation patterns and groundwater recharge, there is a possibility that the Likolampi pond will discharge to the Hanhikangas aquifer and may cause a threat to groundwater quality.

In August 2020, experts from the RAINMAN project and the Uumo project ( studied how multispectral measurements with a drone can be utilised to recognise the discharge areas and active connections between Likolampi pond Hanhikangas aquifer. The drone was also tested to measure temperature and electric conductivity in the pond as a continuous profile. All the gained results will finally be utilised in groundwater flow modelling.

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Contact: Anu Eskelinen, Geological Survey of Finland
Email: [email protected]