Road Maintenance Business: seminars for experience exchange between Finnish and Russian road experts and developing new road maintenance strategy for the Leningrad region

Road Maintenance Business project press release

The organizations responsible for road maintenance in the Leningrad region – the Road Committee and the state institution Lenavtodor – are working to improve road maintenance strategy together with Finnish specialists. Different aspects of road maintenance business have been analyzed to develop the contract template for roads operation which will be the basis for future road tender procedures.

Now the project team aims to bring different, sometimes conflicting requirements, terms and definitions of regulatory documents to a common understanding. Additionally, Finnish partner KAS ELY organizes professional education seminars for road maintenance companies of the Leningrad region, which provide opportunities for participants to discuss challenges and exchange experiences. Due to COVID-19, the seminars are held online, the most recent seminar “Gravel roads. Spring road maintenance” took place on June 4, 2021. See details on (in Russian) http://xn--80aegb3anjbsq.xn--p1ai/about/info/news/1474/

Contact: Olga Dovgulevich
Email: [email protected]