SEFR ENPI CBC 2007-2013 – closing accounts and archiving

The South-East Finland – Russia ENPI CBC 2007-2013 balance payment has been made and the Programme is officially closed in November 2020. Following the Commission regulation (EU) No 951/2007 Art. 45, the projects funded by the Programme have to keep all documents for seven (7) years from the date of payment of the balance for the Programme by the European Commission. This obligation concern lead partners and partners. 

In terms of project archiving this means that the documents, in particular the reports and supporting documents as well as accounts, accounting documents and any other document relating to the financing of the project, need to be stored until 1st December 2027. After this date the documents can be destroyed.  

The Joint Managing Authority and other relevant organisations have the right to conduct checks and audits after the conclusion of a project and during the archiving period. 

For any questions, contact the Managing Authority to [email protected]