Stormwater management: the role of regulations, monitoring, and green solutions

RAINMAN project press release

When it comes to stormwater and climate change, it is not all about physical solutions, we also have to think about:

  • The management of stormwater infrastructure
  • Monitoring and data
  • Nature-based and natural solutions
  • Responsibilities and regulations

All aspects can be enablers or barriers to the adaptation of the stormwater management system.

These are some of the insights from the RAINMAN Common Learning Event. The online event gathered 20 RAINMAN project experts from Finland and the St. Petersburg (Russia) to discuss how to adapt stormwater management to a changing climate and increasing urbanization, and how to use nature-based and natural solutions in storm water management. We will present these findings more in detail at the final seminar of the RAINMAN project in December and in the recommendations of the project that will be published by the end of the year. Read more at:

Contact: Johannes Klein, Geological Survey of Finland
Email: [email protected]