Successful granting of awards continues

All 10 awarded project proposals submitted for the Call 2 closed on 30 June 2017 have successfully concluded Grant Contract negotiation phase with the Managing Authority. Many projects have started their activities already in early 2019, last ones just about the joint them. Most attractive contents in these projects are related to education, development of business environment and e-Tools and to enhance social and sustainable development in many sectors in the Programme area and for its inhabitants. 

List of projects and links to further information

Green ReMark   Link to website
Cycling  |  Link to website
EnviTox  |  Link to website 
SEVIRA  |  Link to website 
SUSTECH  |  Link to website 
C3E  |  Link to website 
BizCycle   Link to website
InnoForestView   Link to website
Vector Sport   Link to website
SuShi   (to start in August)

Statistics of the Call 2