The Common Model of Ecological Status of Finland-Russia Intertraffic became one of the main results of the Green InterTraffic project

Green InterTraffic project press release

Developed in cooperation between Russia and Finland, The Common Model of Ecological Status of Intertraffic with meteorological parameters and environmental risks assessment on the base of GIS combines the main directions of the Green InterTraffic project and its achievements.

The important project outputs are presented on the Eco-Safety GIS tools. It presents the common Russian-Finnish green approaches and measures for environmental safety and transport safety of Intertraffic. The tools are open for public and they can be applied e.g. in road maintenance planning, trip scheduling and in decision-making.

We invite you to know with the Common Model at the link:

This model could be used by all interested stakeholders for environmental and business risks mitigation. Work on its sections continues, and the final stage will be the preparation of the environmental risk assessment report and the start of the Educational complex.

Contact: Ludmila Karelina
Email: [email protected]