The first events of the EDUCRO training programme forged new international connections

EDUCRO project press release

In September, the EDUCRO project launched a training programme called Creating New Customer Value Through Cross-Border Cooperation. The programme is targeted for culture and travel professionals who wish to enhance their competence in event production and produce internationally competitive products and services. It provides the participants with an opportunity to develop and implement new ideas and to create networks with other professionals in the industries of culture and travel.

The training programme features actors from travel and cultural industries, event managers, teachers, and other stakeholders who are open to new ideas. Central topics of interest in the project include the branding of products and services, as well as commercialization and sales, new marketing channels, target marketing, financial management, and funding.

During the past two months, the programme participants have met with one another through joint events organized by the EDUCRO team. In early September, event manager Paul Gudgin lectured in the first event of the training programme. The participants reported that they were impressed by Gudgin’s experience and knowledge, and they acquired concrete skills to utilize in event planning. According to feedback, some of the most important takeaways from the event were new ideas for marketing strategies, tips for fundraising and networking, fruitful conversations with colleagues across the border, and predictions for post-COVID trends in event production.

In September, the Institute for Cultural Programs and the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg also held a seminar titled “New Reality – New Opportunities. Development of Cross-border Cooperation and Innovative Projects in Culture and Tourism”. During 6 weeks the participants of the seminars from St. Petersburg had online and offline meetings with experts and managers from culture, tourism, and creative industries to improve their professional skills for potential cross-border projects. The series of seminars became a step on the way to developing efficient professional communication between Finnish and Russian cultural managers and the creation of new project initiatives.

On 7 October, the EDUCRO training programme continued with an online networking session designed for the participants to find new partners for projects and group work. The networking sessions also included discussion on how cross-border cooperation can be fortified in uncertain times, as well as a speed dating and brainstorming session. By the event’s conclusion, the participants had established new connections and formulated plans on how to proceed with the collaboration.

The training programme will continue with other training modules. These events, led by specialists, will deal with future trends, such as values, digitality, storytelling, and experientiality.

Inevitably, the modules will also contain discussions on the trends and necessities of culture and tourism during these exceptional times, and afterwards. It is also vitally important to understand the needs and demands of future audiences.

The EDUCRO project is funded by the South-East Finland – Russia CBC Programme.

For further information about the training programme and EDUCRO, please contact: Project Manager Olga Bogdanova, 046 952 2820, [email protected], or Juha Iso-Aho, [email protected]. The EDUCRO project website: