The Geological Survey of Finland studied the groundwater – surface water interaction in the Hanhilampi aquifer, Mikkeli

RAINMAN project press release

The Geological Survey of Finland studied the water composition at the waterworks in Mikkeli. 45 % of the water is surface water from the Hanhilampi pond. The amount of surface water varies between 35 and 55 % during the year. Water from the Likolampi pond does not end up to the waterworks. The situation may still change though at the increase of pumping rate and changes in the height of the Hanhilampi pond dam. Results will be used in the update of the Hanhikangas groundwater flow model and protection plan.

The groundwater-surface water interaction was studied with stable isotope method in the Hanhikangas aquifer in Mikkeli. The project was implemented in cooperation with the City of Mikkeli and the Geological Survey of Finland as part of the RAINMAN project co-financed by the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 programme. Results are presented in the picture. The report of the study is now available at the Hakku-site of GTK as an open file work report 61/2020.

Contact: Johannes Klein
Email: [email protected]