The Programming Committee continues its work in 2022

Eighth meeting of the Programming Committee (PC) of the South-East Finland – Russia 2021-2027 Programme was organised on-line on 21 February 2022. 

The latest information regarding preparation of the regulative and legal processes, the Financing Agreement and financial allocations to the 2021-2027 Programme, including national financing, was presented to the PC members at the meeting. Among the main discussion topics was the content of the draft Programme Document, appropriate mechanisms to implement Partnership principle in the future programme, and the list of Large infrastructure projects proposals to be submitted as a supporting document along with the Programme Document. 

The final Programme document drafts are expected to be submitted for the national approvals in Finland and in Russia in April-May. This is an important milestone of the new Programme.

The Committee will meet again at the end of April 2022 to finalize the programming. The materials supporting the process of the South-East Finland – Russia 2021-2027 Programme  preparation are available at Programming material.