Third meeting of the Joint Monitoring Committee

The Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) of the South-East Finland – Russia CBC 2014-2020 had its third meeting on 25 January 2017 in Vyborg, Russia. The JMC took decisions on following issues relating to support of the applicants and project partners. The Programme Manual, a document guiding the preparation of the projects and submission of applications, was approved. It will be published at the Programme’s website PROJECTS on 30 January 2017. Also, the decision on how to organise the work of the Programme’s branch office in St. Petersburg was made. The branch will have two CBC Experts who will support applicants and project partners in their inquiries and needs for assistance. More resources will be provided to the Managing Authority as well. The recruitment procedures on all new positions will be launched in February 2017.

Next and fourth meeting of the JMC will take place in June 2017, to approve projects to be funded from the round of a call closing on 15 March 2017.