Trash Design – from waste to value hack

CBC Funded AWARE project is co-organizing waste to value utilization knowledge building and student educating training camp / Hackathon named Trash Design, which is held at 1.-8.4.2022. The event is organized together by Digital & Circular Fashion House and AWARE projects. In the event, development challenges come from the companies and AWARE project, involved in the event. Participants receive recyclable materials to develop new utilization ideas.

Trash Design is a way of thinking with a background and purpose based on the circular economy and the reduction of resource consumption. Above all, Trash Design is an open-minded re-use of materials and products and the ability to see rubbish as new material.

As an example, in one of the challenges, the participants will be having a change to work with the problem area of re-use, collection and recycling of surplus textiles.

Additional information about the event: