Update on the project consultation days in April

Update 16.3.2020 
This spring, due to COVID-19 virus outbreak, project consultations are organised as the on-line meetings. This change does not affect to booking appointments, which is available at on-line booking service. Prior the meeting, the Managing Authority shall send on-line link to the e-mail address given at the booking phase. Received link must be shared among the participating partners. Kindly pay attention that the changed situation highlights the importance of the projects’ internal communication and coordination. Offered on-line service does not necessary require application instalment, and may be used as a web-based connection. In any questions on technical issues, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Projects may consider the need for consultation for example via following questions:

  • Are there open questions or hesitations relating for example to reporting, activities, budget, payments etc. that would benefit of the MA’s guidance?
  • Are there any thoughts relating for example to empowering of activities for more effective results that would benefit of the MA’s prior opinion?
  • Are there any questions relating to partnership or visibility where the consultation could help?


(1,5 hours per meeting, local time)  

7-8 April 2020 and 14-15 April 2020 


Project partners are encouraged to have an internal discussion on possible consultation needs and if noted, to book an appointment by the lead partner following steps 1-4:  

Consultation booking service is open until 3.4.2020. 

Step 1 Enter the on-line booking service and select your project’s coordinator from staff list.  

Step 2 Select the suitable date and time from the available options in the calendar.  

Step 3 Fill in the requested information. Inform the number of participants and headlines of appointment topics from the project’s side in the open text box.  

Step 4 Confirmation of the booked appointment is received to the given email address.

(Next consultation days will take place in the Autumn 2020)