Version 3.0 of the Programme Manual is published

Managing Authority has published updated version of the Programme Manual, and it replaces the previous publication. New version includes changes in the following topics:

  • B part; Chapter 6.8 Annexes is adjusted so that the annex 1A Partnership statement is to be filled in and signed by the lead partner together with each partner and annex 1B Partnership statement is to be filled in and signed only by the lead partner. In addition, new annex number 4 Statement for co-financing from other sources, which identifies co-financing from other sources than project partners must be filled in, if applicable.
  • B part; Chapter 7.0 Submitting application is adjusted with more precise instruction on how to deliver original document package to the Managing Authority. The deadline is ten (10) days of the electronic submission of the application in the PROMAS.
  • G part; Annexes is complemented by two documents to be submitted during the grant contract negotiation. The lead partner will be provided with more detailed instructions on submission during the negotiation process.

Version 3.0 applies for the applications submitted for the second call closing on 30/6/2017 at 23:30.
Annexes mentioned in this release are made available at the PROJECTS.