Version 4.0 of the Programme Manual is published

The Managing Authority has published updated version of the Programme Manual at PROJECTS, and it replaces the previous publication. New version includes changes in the following topics:

  • Programme Manual is complemented with the list of abbreviations.
  • Part C; chapter 4.5 Infrastructure investments is complemented with the sentence: In case of the standard development project, the total costs of the investments cannot exceed one million euros and they should be less than 50% of the total budget.
  • Part D; Implementing of project, chapters 1-3 are published.
  • Part G; Annexes chapter 2. To be submitted during the contract negotiation
    • Financial identification
    • Legal entity statement
    • Partnership agreement (in case of Russian private entity as a partner)
    • Communication and visibility plan matrix

Finnish and Russian translations of the Programme Manual will be published during the week 47.