Zero-waste landfill

Project idea objective is reduction of environmental load on the cross-border Russian and Finnish territories by reducing amounts of hard municipal waste to be stored at the municipal landfills by introducing efficient waste management technologies at the landfills with special focus on recycling and waste-to-energy technologies.

Main activities are

1. Capacity building, study of best available technologies, visits to Finnish landfills with waste-to-energy and recycling solutions

2. Development and implementation of the Zero-Waste Landfill concept and implementation of 1 show case of efficient plastic waste processing

Desired partners would be municipalities (departments responsible for waste management), municipal/ public companies, professional associations with the same focus of expertise, large waste management entities and alike.

Contact information:
Elena Kuznetsova
Tel. +7 921 957 7896
Email: [email protected]
Association North-West Funding Service Centre