Cycling KS1133

Adaptation of new approaches to develop cycling and cycling routes between Russia and Finland to improve safety, mobility and environment, and to promote social development (the case: Svetogorsk – Imatra cycle track)

The main objective of project was to promote safe, secure, smooth and efficient border-crossing and easy mobility by bicycle. A research work “Development of a comprehensive approach to development of cycling in border regions” was published. A study of safety issues at border crossing points (including safety assessment of pedestrian and cycling routes at border crossing points Vaalimaa, Nuijamaa and Imatra) was carried out.

A concept of cycle tourism development on the near border areas of Russia and Finland was developed.  Guidebooks of cycling addressed to cyclists were published. Project infrastructure component included construction of the cycle path in Svetogorsk and equipment of the BCP “Svetogorsk” with elements of cycling infrastructure (road marking, bike parking lots, signs). Besides the cycle path, the works included repair of bridges, organization of a railway crossing for cyclists and installation of streetlights. Project carried out awareness raising activities to increase the cycling safety.